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Generated Certificates of Insurance Available in ADP TotalSource


Author: ADP Admin/Sunday, March 28, 2021/Categories: Bulletin News

Certificates of Insurance are now available right at your fingertips in ADP TotalSource. You will continue to request a Certificate of Insurance or Declaration Page via Resources > Risk > Certificate of Insurance page. When the form is generated it is available for download via the request record. Download capabilities apply to requests for Certificates of Insurance (COIs) submitted after March 11th, 2021. 

To download the Certificate of Insurance or Declaration Page, click the Edit Request link for the applicable request, scroll to the “Documents Generated” section, and click the download icon. For a bulk request, we’ve added an additional option. Bulk requests appear with a link for Download Data Files under the Actions column on the request. The Download Data Files link allows you to download a consolidated file of all the COIs to a zip file. 

You may notice we’ve made a few updates to the text on the Certificate of Insurance page.  These changes include:

·       Renaming the "REQUEST NEW" button to "NEW REQUEST"

·       Renaming "COI Requests" to "All Requests"

·       Renaming "COI Information" to "Standard COIs"

·       Adding a column for Request ID to the “All Requests” page

·       Addition of the Request ID at the top of the page when editing a previously submitted request

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