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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace? ADP TotalSource Can Help!


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Recently there has been a growing trend of people speaking out publicly about sexual harassment in the workplace. This current level of awareness means it’s more important than ever that your team knows how to prevent and respond to sexual harassment within your organization.

Prevention & Training

Your employees can access self-paced harassment training online at any time via ADP TotalSource. We can also offer on-site training to management teams to supply them with the tools and resources they need to navigate the complexities of leading diverse teams. Just ask your HR Business Partner. A refresher course can be of great value, even if your employees have already completed these or similar trainings.



While training and prevention are important activities, properly reporting harassment in the workplace is equally critical. Make sure your employees know who they can speak to should harassment occur. In addition to any in-house channels you may have, your employees can also report harassment to the ADP MyLife Advisor group should they feel uncomfortable reporting it to a manager or company executive.

  • For Employees: Employees can call the ADP MyLife Advisor group to report harassment. The MyLife Advisor will promptly route the employee to an individual who is trained to record the complaint, contact appropriate parties, and walk the employee through their next steps. If a matter is determined to warrant a formal Investigation, the complaint will undergo a fully compliant investigation by the ADP TotalSource Centralized Investigation Group. Recommendations will be provided based on the outcome of the Investigation.
  •  For Managers: Be sure your managers know the steps to take in the event a harassment complaint is reported to them directly. Involving your HR Business Partner in these situations is extremely important. Doing so helps to ensure that your company is supported by the ADP Employer Practice Liability Insurance and Legal Defense Benefit should you receive a charge from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or from an attorney seeking to sue your organization. The appropriate executive at your company should work with your HR Business Partner to gain a better understanding of compliance obligations and best practices for responding to employee concerns.

A Reminder: Basic Employment Policies

As a reminder, all employees that are part of the ADP TotalSource relationship are required to consent to the Basic Employment Policies document in ADP TotalSource when they are hired into the platform. In this document, they agree to the prohibition of harassment, (sexual and otherwise) and are provided with instructions on reporting such behavior.

Your HR Business Partner Can Help

Regardless of your organization’s workplace harassment needs, ADP TotalSource is here to help. Contact your HR Business Partner today to discuss your specific situation.

We also recommend watching the recording of this free webinar:

Jackson Lewis: Bolstering Your Preventive Practices to Meet the New Wave of Harassment Claims

During this webinar, Jackson Lewis attorneys recap the history of the speak-out evolution, examine the EEOC’s position, and discuss steps the C-suite, General Counsel, and Boards of Directors should take now to ensure they have practices in place to prevent harassment in the workplace and meaningfully and effectively address it if and when it does occur.

View this 60-minute webinar here. 


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