April 2024



Tracking Paper Form I-9s post implementation

Say hello to the TotalSource I-9 Dashboard, which allows you to easily track and upload paper Forms I-9 for both existing employees and new hires post-implementation.

10 ways to attract a better, more diverse applicant pool

A diverse workforce can bring new ideas, fresh perspectives, and improve employee engagement. However, employers sometimes find it a challenge to attract the right talent. To help, here are some best practices for recruiting and hiring a diverse workforce. 

Service Portal: Status Updates on Your Schedule

Get real-time status visibility when you need it, with just a few clicks, on all of your open and recently closed cases. Interested in learning more? Click here.

Codeless registration is just days away

You can now register for ADP TotalSource® without a registration code. Even if your code is lost or expired, you can easily access the portal — without ever contacting a company admin or MyLife Advisor.

Regional Alerts


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