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New York Gives Employees More Time Off to Vote


Author: Brent Cranfield/Monday, April 29, 2019/Categories: Compliance Corner , State Compliance Update, New York

Overview:  New York has enacted legislation (Senate Bill 1505) that requires employers to give employees up to three hours of paid time to vote.

Effective Date: Immediately




Prior to Senate Bill 1505, employers were required to give up to two hours of paid leave to vote, but only if the employee lacked sufficient time outside their working hours to vote.

Senate Bill 1505:

Under Senate Bill 1505, employers must give registered voters up to three hours of paid leave to vote in any election, regardless of whether they have sufficient time outside of work to do so. Employees must still give at least two days’ notice of their need to use such leave.

Employers may require employees who use voting leave to do so at the beginning or end of their shift.


Action Required:  New York employers should review policies and procedures to ensure compliance with Senate Bill 1505. Employers should also note that they are still required to post a notice about time off to vote at least 10 working days before every election. The notice must be kept posted until the close of the polls on Election Day.


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