July 2024



Minimum Wage Announcements

The following states or localities have announced new minimum wage increases.

Employee work addresses: Make sure they’re up to date!

With the increase in remote work accurate work addresses for employees are more important than ever, tax agencies are scrutinizing employee tax withholding. To avoid financial penalties & ensure correct tax withholding, please ensure your employees have accurate work addresses in ADP TotalSource®.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) coverage renewal and Legal Defense Benefit (LDB) reminder

All organizations, no matter how well managed, are vulnerable to claims of wrongful employment practices arising from terminations, discipline, or employee complaints. The jury awards that sometimes result from such claims can run into six figures or more. Adding to the challenge facing employers is a complex regulatory environment where inadvertent noncompliance is all too common.

10 Myths About Employee Terminations … Busted

The end of the employer-employee relationship is an inevitable part of running a business and requires special care. To help you manage your next employee separation, we address some common misconceptions about the termination process below.

Regional Alerts