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This year, we’ve organized Year End tasks by month to help with your Year End prioritization. Look for new items each month requiring your attention through year end. Review the ADP TotalSource Year-End & Quarter Close Guide for a complete list of all items requiring your attention.

October activities:

  • Review the ADP TotalSource Year-End & Quarter Close Guide for a complete list of items requiring your attention.
  • Review your Time Off Policies and ensure accruals are accurate.
  • Contact your Payroll Advisor or HR Business Partner NOW if you need to set up a Time Off Policy to allow time for set up before the new year begins.
  • Review Holiday Schedules. As a rule, when your regularly scheduled pay date falls on the holiday, your pay date is moved to the previous business day. If changes are needed, please adjust accordingly. Go to Process -> Payroll -> Payroll Schedule
  • Review your Quarter 3 Wage & Tax Register - our equivalent of your quarterly 941 tax report. Shortly after your final payroll of the quarter is processed, this report will generate. See Understanding the Wage and Tax Register to learn more about the wage and tax register.
    • Important Note: If you provide a pension or retirement plan for your employees, you should check to make sure the Qualified Pension Indicator is coded accurately. If your employees contribute via payroll deductions, you will see a YES indicated on the Wage & Tax Register. This will ensure that Box 13 on Form W-2 is checked.
  • Notify your Payroll Advisor as soon as possible anytime you need to void a check or if you have issued any unreported company checks to employees.
    • Important Note: Company-issued and voided checks must be reported immediately. Failure to report this information in the same quarter the check was issued will result in amended tax filings, including a fee of $300 per quarter, along with applicable penalties and interest accessed by government agencies. If this information is not report by Dec. 15, a corrected Form W-2 may be necessary, which could result in additional processing fees.

Stay tuned for more tips coming in November!

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